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Syscoin Geth (sysgeth)

When running Syscoin Core (syscoind or syscoini-qt), a copy of sysgeth will first be downloaded to the Syscoin data directory and then ran as Syscoin Core starts up. Therefore, it is easy to launch a sysgeth in console mode to directly interact with NEVM. Sysgeth ( is a custom version of geth ( built to enable NEVM on Syscoin blockchain.

Sysgeth Argument#

Since sysgeth is launched on startup, for all argument supported by geth, we can pass them through syscoin's argument. This can be done by appending --gethcommandline= in the syscoind command line directly or prefix them with gethcommandline= in syscoin.conf.

Example of command line call for syscoind

syscoind --testnet=1 --zmqpubnevm=tcp:// --gethcommandline=--http --gethcommandline=--http.addr=localhost --gethcommandline=--http.port=8101 --gethcommandline=--http.api=admin,debug,eth,miner,net,personal,txpool,web3

Example of a syscoin.conf is as below


If all the argument are in the syscoin.conf file then syscoind can be ran directly without any argument, eg. syscoind


zmqpubnevm is not required as it is enabled by default If you don't want to run sysgeth nevm, you can disable it by setting zmqpubnevm to empty. zmqpubnevm=""

Connecting to Sysgeth#

With the above configuration, we can then connect using sysgeth to start up the javascript console. First, we need to locate the sysgeth binary, which is located in the Syscoin data directory by default. On Linux box, that would be under ~/.syscoin/

Then, we can simply run the binary and attach it to the running sysgeth using attach on the .ipc

cd ~/.syscoin
./sysgeth attach ~/.syscoin/testnet3/geth/geth.ipc


The location of sysgeth is by default in the base directory of the syscoin datadir, where as the geth.ipc file will be in either [syscoin datadir]/geth/geth.ipc or [syscoin datadir]/testnet3/geth/geth.ipc depending on whether you're running mainnet or testnet