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Syscoin is focused on end-user adoption of its Rollux suite with Rollup technologies that serve as Layer 2, and using the Syscoin blockchain as the settlement layer for them.

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Rollups for an technical overview of rollups the differences between Optimistic and ZK rollups.

Syscoin Rollux#

Here are some different Rollup communities in the industry.

Optimistic Rollups#

  • Arbitrum - Offchain Labs are the builders of the Arbitrum solution and Nitro
  • Metis - Layer 2 solutions by MetisDAO
  • Optimism - Code base of Rollux OPv1, and creators of Bedrock


  • StarkWare - a layer 2 network that uses zkSTARK proofs and the Cairo programming language.
    • You can find a large number of StarkNet (StarkWare's main ZK-Rollup solution) resources here.
  • zkSync - an open-source scaling and privacy engine, which uses zkSNARK proofs.
  • Aztec - an open-source, layer 2 network that utilizes zkSNARK proofs, PLONK technology and the Noir programming language. Aztec is largely focused on private payments solutions.